Integrity and thermal insulation protection

Fire Curtain EI

The high-temperature-resistant, fire-resistant, smoke-tight curtain systems without radiation, fire curtains with insulation EI-180 minutes, are made of fire-resistant materials that can withstand temperatures of 1100ºC for more than 180 minutes, when an water cooling system is incorporated. This type of system has special side guides through which the fire curtain with insulation slides.


Light compartmentalization of various spaces that, for various reasons, need protection from fire and smoke due to exceeding the maximum surfaces allowed by regulations. Additionally, they can be used as compartmentalization elements in evacuation corridors and areas containing different types of materials with very high fire loads that require limiting the risk in case of a fire.


Textile curtains find applications in various types of constructions, including public spaces and various industrial environments. These solutions are suitable for installation in places such as airports, train stations, shopping malls, fairgrounds, hotels, auditoriums, museums, cinemas, factories, industrial warehouses, thermal power plants, and parking facilities.


The system is tested according to the following standards:

  • UNE EN 1363-1 / UNE EN 1363-2: Fire resistance tests,
  • UNE EN 1634-1: Fire resistance and smoke control tests of doors and enclosure elements,
  • UNE EN ISO 1716: Fire reaction tests for construction products,
  • UNE EN 13501-1: Fire behavior of construction products and building elements.

Available Systems

We have a wide range of mobile curtains that allow us to solve a large number of projects, no matter how complex they may be.

Vertical Location - Guides: descending hang

  • Maximum section length 8000 mm
  • Maximum drop length 6000 mm

  • Horizontal box: 245 mm wide x 180 mm high
  • Vertical box: 200 mm wide x 290 mm high

Steel treated with a choice of RAL finish, with variable weight depending on the curtain’s hang and the type of guide used.

Different guide types are available with a choice of RAL finishes or stainless steel, depending on the location and guiding system to be used.

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