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We meet all your expectations by developing comprehensive projects for fire sectorization and smoke control through different systems of mobile curtains, automatic fire-resistant curtains, smoke-tight curtains, and electrically controlled systems.

Mobile, fire-resistant barriers
They are more than necessary, they are vital.

Smoke is the leading cause of fire deaths. Therefore, it is essential to take appropriate safety measures to provide a safe exit and improved visibility, preventing smoke from invading evacuation routes and affecting people attempting to exit specific areas.

Consequently, regulatory authorities have established compliance with European standards that specify the requirements for these smoke barriers to be installed in buildings as part of smoke control systems.

Fire Ratings

The differences between the various fire classifications and their specific objectives are as follows:


E (Integrity)

The ability to contain flames, smoke, and gases generated by a fire in order to prevent their spread between adjacent fire compartments.


EW (Integrity + Reduced Thermal Radiation)

In addition to initial integrity, this classification addresses the limitation of thermal radiation transmission, preventing the ignition of materials or physical harm to individuals in the compartment adjacent to the fire. This system does not incorporate a water spray irrigation system; instead, its multi-layer textile technology is capable of containing and limiting radiation to the levels specified by standards, thanks to aluminum foil finishing.


EI (Integrity + Thermal Insulation)

In addition to initial integrity, the system will be able to prevent the spread of temperature to the adjacent sector, thereby eliminating the possibility of any material igniting or any person suffering physical harm. Typically, thermal insulation in fire curtains is achieved by spraying water onto the fabric for cooling purposes.


Our Solutions

We offer the widest range of automatic fire-resistant mobile barrier systems designed to interact with various fire protection systems, ensuring complete compatibility with these systems.

Hotel - Fire curtain

Smoke Control Curtain D

Textile barrier systems, resistant to high temperatures, smoke-tight.

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Shopping Center - fire curtains

Fire Curtain E

Textile barrier systems, resistant to high temperatures, fire-resistant, and smoke-tight.

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Shopping Center - Fire curtain

Fire Curtain EW

Textile barrier systems, resistant to high temperatures, fire-resistant with reduced radiation, and smoke-tight.

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Fire curtain vertical

Fire Curtain EI

High-temperature-resistant curtain systems, fire-resistant with thermal insulation, and smoke-tight.

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Building with Control Units

Control Units

Textile barrier control systems for interaction with various fire protection systems.

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AltisNova logotipo verde light
Fire curtain horizontal
Fire curtain vertical
Shopping Center - fire curtains

Our textile barriers are perfectly applicable in a variety of environments, including public buildings and various industrial sectors.

Air terminals - Train stations - Shopping complexes - Fair and exhibition spaces - Hotels, auditoriums, museums, and cinemas - Manufacturing plants and industrial warehouses - Thermal Power plants - Parking facilities.

Our engineers work from the beginning of the project, designing the most suitable system for each installation, always achieving the best technical solution.

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