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We offer a wide range of products for effective fire protection in all types of buildings. We propose various solutions to ensure your fire protection while complying with the strictest regulations in fire prevention and control.

Hotel - Smoke curtain

We provide a wide variety of highly fire-resistant automatic mobile barrier systems.

These systems are meticulously designed to seamlessly integrate with various fire protection solutions, ensuring full compatibility with these systems.

Our solutions
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Our quality requirements

Each product has been approved and tested in accredited fire laboratories to meet performance and effectiveness standards. They feature robust design and durability.

  • Absence of failures.
  • Priorities in system operation and control.
  • Operation at extreme temperatures.
  • Integrity and fire resistance of all components.
  • 24V and 230V governance systems.
  • Intelligent control systems.
  • Status and control synoptics.
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Vital elements

Importance of mobile and fixed barriers

There is an increasing demand for passive fire protection systems that remain completely concealed and only become visible in the event of a fire alarm. AltisNova mobile curtains perfectly meet the highest expectations of architects, engineers, and developers.

The importance of fire-resistant and smoke-impermeable mobile curtains, more than necessary, is vital for comprehensive fire protection in any type of building: Shopping Centers, Public Buildings, Airports, Offices, Hotels, Industrial, etc.

AltisNova Systems

How it works?

All AltisNova mobile fire compartmentation and smoke management curtain systems are equipped with 24V direct current or 230V alternating current motors, depending on the project’s requirements. These motors allow for the lowering, raising, and concealing of the curtains and are controlled by electronic systems that coordinate with general fire detection, alarm, and extinguishing systems. These systems are managed through intelligent control units equipped with programmable PLCs, which meticulously centralize the operation of the entire system.


Additionally, the control panels are equipped with a BMS Kit and a detection kit designed to transmit signals over distances and enable interconnection between panels using conventional protocols. This ensures full control over the system at all times.


In case of receiving an emergency signal, the control circuits of the panels supervising the fire compartmentation and smoke management curtains, will be activated automatically. These circuits will be coordinated with other fire protection systems, thus preventing panic and ensuring that neither smoke nor fire can block evacuation routes.

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